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ides.su resource is publicly available to all registered users and conducts its activities in accordance with applicable laws. The administration of the resource does not control and is not responsible for the portal site users ides.su information. However, resource administration sharply negative attitude toward copyright infringement in the territory ides.su. Therefore, if you are the copyright of exclusive property rights, including:


- The exclusive right to reproduce;


- Exclusive right of distribution;


- The exclusive right to publicly display;


- The exclusive right of communication to the public.


and your rights in any way violated the use of this resource, we ask immediately inform the Customer complaint letter (in electronic form), using the form below. Your message will be considered mandatory; You receive a message about the results of the action with respect to the alleged violation of the exclusive rights. Upon receipt of your message correctly and maximize the filled data will be assigned an incoming number and sent to the address of the sender confirmation of receipt of the letter. The complaint will be considered in a period not exceeding five (5) working days. Under the current regulations of Russian legislation the administration is ready to consider controversial issues within the pre-trial (the claim or otherwise) about the settlement.


Our email: [email protected]


CAUTION We have no control over the actions of users who can re-link to information that is the object of your exclusive right. Any information the forum is placed by the user, without any control from any side, which corresponds to the generally accepted world practice of placing information on the Internet. But in any case we consider all your queries correctly formulated regarding the reference to information that violates your rights. Requests for removal of direct information that violates the law will be returned to the sender, for servers ides.su such information is not contained.


1. This Product:


1.1. Product Name - Russian and English (in the case of the English version).


1.2. The official product page on the Internet (if available).


1.3. Number assigned to the product on the public registry.


1.4. For legal entities / Rightholder electronic publications / computer programs / databases - A copy of state registration.


For legal entities / Rightholder film and video - Rolling certificate (copy).


2. Information about the legal owner:


2.1. The full name of the legal entity.


2.2. Mailing address. (if different legal and postal address - required the legal address).


2.3. Site copyright owner on the Internet.


2.4. Business License (if any work is licensed in accordance with the law).


2.5. Contact owner (name, position, phone, email).


3. Details of the person making the complaint.


3.1. Name.


3.2. Job Title.


3.3. Phone.


3.4. email.


3.5. A copy of a power of attorney to act on the person owner (not required if the person making the complaint - the head of the company owner).


If the complaint is filed is not the legal owner, and his authorized representative power of attorney - a legal entity must provide a copy of a power of attorney to the actions of an individual on behalf of the company, a power of attorney authorized owner (not required if the person making the complaint - the head of the company representative).


4. For ambitious data.


4.1. Address pages that contain references to data that violate the law. The link must be of the form https://ides.su/XXXXX-zagolovok.html


4.2. Full description of the nature of rights violations (for some reason that this information is prohibited by the owner).


5. Subscription of the legality of actions (to be completed by hand and sent in a scanned form). Required for each application.


I, "Name", acting on behalf of "legal name of the copyright owner" by proxy "proxy data" indicate that the data given in this appeal are true, "Name of the person" (copyright holder) - holds the exclusive property rights, including :


- The exclusive right to reproduce;


- Exclusive right of distribution;


- The exclusive right to publicly display;


- The exclusive right of communication to the public.


All of the above rights apply to the territory of the Russian Federation, all issues related to, the payment of remuneration to authors works settled rightholder, the right holder is not aware of claims by third parties in respect of these rights.


In the case of claims to the resource ides.su by third parties relating to the violation of their rights (including consumer rights) in relation to the remote / disable links "links" right holder shall take all necessary measures to resolve the claims and possible disputes including litigation.


The right holder is obliged to settle the claim, demand, or claims by third parties and fully indemnify ides.su resource costs and damages (including lost profits, legal fees, etc.) related to compensation claims, demands, actions of third parties upon violation of their rights, as well as other claims related to illegal or erroneous blocking or removing links on demand Rightholder.


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