GiveWP v2.1.2 - WordPress Donation Plugin + Add-Ons

GiveWP v2.1.2 - WordPress Donation Plugin + Add-Ons
GiveWP v2.1.2 - WordPress Donation Plugin + Add-Ons
A WordPress Donation Plugin To: Fund Camp Programs for Deaf Families. [b]GiveWP Add-Ons:
GiveWP - 2Checkout Gateway v1.1.1 | GiveWP - AmeriCloud Payments v1.2.0 | GiveWP - Authorize.net Gateway v1.4.1 | GiveWP - AWeber v1.0.3 | GiveWP - Braintree Gateway v1.2.1 | GiveWP - CCAvenue Gateway v1.0.1 | GiveWP - Constant Contact v1.2.1 | GiveWP - ConvertKit v1.0.2 | GiveWP - Dwolla Gateway v1.1.2 | GiveWP - Email Reports v1.1.1 | GiveWP - Fee Recovery v1.6 | GiveWP - Form Field Manager v1.3 | GiveWP - Gift Aid v1.1.2 | GiveWP - GoCardless Gateway v1.2 | GiveWP - Google Analytics Donation Tracking v1.1.2 | GiveWP - iATS Payment Solutions v1.0.3 | GiveWP - MailChimp v1.4.1 | GiveWP - Manual Donations v1.4 | GiveWP - Paymill Gateway v1.0.2 | GiveWP - PayPal Pro Gateway v1.1.5 | GiveWP - Paytm Gateway v1.0 | GiveWP - PDF Receipts v2.3 | GiveWP - PayUmoney v1.0.1 | GiveWP - Per Form Emails v1.1 | GiveWP - Per Form Gateways v1.0.1 | GiveWP - Razorpay v1.1.3 | GiveWP - Recurring Donations v1.6.1 | GiveWP - Stripe Gateway v2.0.3 | GiveWP - Tributes v1.4.2 | GiveWP - WePay Gateway v1.3.1 | GiveWP - Zapier v1.2

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